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Gravity. New Universe Theory


2023 Edition. The future can finally begin! I have noticed for a long time that mankind can produce since about one century only what was described theoretically before. But a new physical law was not found any more, which means an already visible end of the horizon. I came across all the ideas described here indirectly and above all unintentionally, but for a long time I did not have the courage to actively disseminate my findings. I hesitated also because I described indeed logically, but rather philosophically. According to my theory, matter dust should not be subject to gravity because comets leave behind a dust tail, among other things. Not even on the Earth. But the matter dust seems to settle on the earth. And now that I have finally found the proof, I really need to present my ideas. The proof was right in front of me, only I didn't think about fluids.... Now I will also actively spread these ideas, because this must be investigated. Will the fine dust from exhaust fumes, nuclear reactors, smoke and viruses float forever and everywhere? If the small particles are not subject to gravity, this will have enormous and long-lasting effects.

 But why was I even thinking about it?

 For the love of detail and because I needed it, I had to do research for my book series: What exactly is gravity? Upon closer inspection, I immediately noticed a few interesting points.

 Matter on Earth is not homogeneous, and even the eight-thousander Mount Everest has no effect on the Earth's gravity. And interestingly, there are slight gravitational fluctuations on Earth during storms. Gravity fluctuations have also been measured on Jupiter, where there are incredible storms.


Unfortunately, further research did not yield the answers I needed for my "Red Giant Star" book series. So I began to do my own thinking to find an explanation.

 This book is the result.


A selection of the points covered in the book:

 - Storms disrupt gravity. I explain the reason for this in as much detail as I could throughout the book.

 - Gravity is the effect of space deformation on matter. Very short explanation: The matter behaves almost exactly like the light in the curved (deformed) space. I explain the principle and, using real examples, how it works. What moves the meteors and our space probes after the thrusters are turned off? That is the drive mechanism, which is also behind gravity. For example, in this context, not everything on Earth is subject to gravity. Millions of tons of fine water particles, which we know as fog and clouds, are not subject to gravity. This is weightlessness before our eyes.

 - The natural cycle can only work because gravity does not always act on the earth!

 - The book explains in detail what gravity is, how it works and where in the universe gravity occurs. For example, gravity has nothing to do with matter and arises not only around celestial bodies, but especially in space for no visible reason. The meteorites, for example, would gradually slow down and eventually stop flying around in space without these gravity clouds.

 - There is no limit like the speed of light, but only a space-time limit. I explain to it what space-time is and why.

 - Light and matter can move faster than the speed of light, concerning the light this is already proved. Seriously, the explanation to it is included.

 - Space-time, velocity and gravity are properties of space. The detailed explanation is included.

 - Black holes do not contain matter. They also have only a weak opposing gravity. Moreover, the black holes melt the matter near them. The detailed explanation and much more about this are also included.

 - I also explain why stars were formed only in galaxy spiral arms or around black holes. In addition, also how planets, stars are formed, and when gravity occurs.

 - Intergalactic travel could be possible, and a spaceship must necessarily have the shape of a flying saucer. Are the sightings real? The detailed explanation is included.

 - It is irrefutably excluded that these forms exist in the universe or elsewhere: Nothingness, Infinity and Coincidence.


I came up with everything written here indirectly, just because the storms disrupt gravity. I certainly wouldn't have doubted so many things in public lightly if I hadn't thought them through thoroughly beforehand. Everything in this book I have found out for myself after much thought over the last 10 years. I am not researching, I figured them all out myself, offline! The ideas here should be unique on the whole planet. It was not easy to explain all this. That's why I revise the book regularly. I will continue to do so in the future if I find that something can be described better. It was an incredibly tedious and nerve-wracking task for me to sort through all the scraps of ideas on the subject and get them down on paper.

 What I write here, I call science fiction. What fiction is, I hope I have described well enough.

 Pure future fiction certainly has its justification. I myself would like to look a little bit into the future through science fiction, or at least to get a vague idea of how it could go on....

 Konstantin T. Salmann Author: Konstantin T. Salmann Author: Konstantin T. Salmann Autor: Konstantin T. Salmann Author: Konstantin T. Salmann Konstantin T. Salmann

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