Book - Red Giant Star
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Red Giant Star

2023rd Edition.

When does the past begin and when does the future end?

Red Giant Star:
A dystopian, yet still plausible notion.

Konstantin T. Salmann

What readers are saying about this book:

Dive into a cosmic adventure with the "Red Giant Star: Trilogy" by Konstantin Salmann! This captivating trilogy takes you on a thrilling journey through space and time, blending science and fiction seamlessly. From vivid world-building to complex characters, the author's imagination shines brilliantly. Each book in the trilogy offers a unique twist on the age-old quest for exploration and discovery, with characters who leap off the pages and into your heart. While the plot can be a bit dense at times, the payoff is worth it! The climax and resolution leave you pondering the mysteries of the universe long after the final page. Overall, "Red Giant Star: Trilogy" is a cosmic gem, earning 4 stars for its ambition, creativity, and unforgettable characters.

I liked it! Where to start? The thing that I loved the most, is that the author is very descriptive in his writing. This makes it easy for me to imagine the world and story he built in a way that I can plough through the book with ease. But some of the prose is a bit janky, but it doesn’t affect the enjoyment that much. I think it is because the author tries to do more than just novel? It is unique it that aspect .......... Without spoiling too much, the author has built an interesting world. It would be cool to visit it someday, if it exists! (Cause who knows, maybe it does?)

I loved this story. What a planet Errat is.. And the particle aliens. Nevon is hit by a vehicle and wakes up in another unknown territory. He has amnesia. But as soon he discovers it's not earth things are getting very different.
What I loved about the book is that the author is very descriptive about this. So at one point I started to believe that this planet is real... Another thing is pace. Something is happening at every page. I wish author write more books and make it a bigger series.

This book is an ambitious project to imagine how our world could look like in 200 years from now. The story touches a number of topics that are especially relevant in our world today: the role of technology in societies, race relations, surveillance, freedom, work (or lack thereof), and the role or function of citizens toward their societies....

"A feeling of security is not brought on by the environment, but the people that surround you." This statement from the start of the book is present up to the end......

Okay. I have to say that this book is wonderful and kind of a prophecy of what the future might look like. I enjoyed the flow of the novel, the setting, the description and the climax. All of this drives the reader to just turn to the next page. It's not something you can just dive into, and kudos to the author for that. Really a good job by the author...... Author: Konstantin T. Salmann Author: Konstantin T. Salmann Autor: Konstantin T. Salmann Author: Konstantin T. Salmann Konstantin T. Salmann

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