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Black Holes and Stars

What are the black holes?

The Galactic Center always shines like a giant star, these are possibly a bunch of stars, and they rotate with the black hole.  The black hole holds together even the most distant matter in the galaxy and that at an incredible distance, but the black hole cannot swallow the stars that are in the immediate vicinity, but even the light should not be able to escape. Why?

Why has the materia around the black hole become a star? The black hole should swallow the materia and not make it glow, but the black hole does exactly that: it pushes the materia away and lets it melt. Why? The stars around the black hole stay together despite the repulsion because the stars are too close together and the stars stay together due to their own gravity as if they were chained together.

In the galaxy disk, materia is evenly distributed, but only in the spiral arms have stars gathered, or more precisely: only there have stars formed. Why? 

Why does the galaxy rotate? The materia moves in the galaxy, they all probably have only one energy source. What power source?

Is it possible for matter to travel at the speed of superlight? Probably yes. Can a spaceship be built that can fly at the speed of superlight? No, that wouldn't be necessary either. The attentive reader can now imagine an intergalactic journey, and the spaceship would look like a disc-shaped UFO. Possibly the disc-shaped UFO sightings are real, but everything indicates that humans will never leave Earth and we will never officially have contact with another civilization. This certainty makes me really sad...

That's my explanation:

The article was clicked on unexpectedly often in English, but the article is much too long to be called an article, and I was told that the navigation is not self-explanatory... Therefore I am writing a short book on this topic. The book will hopefully be finished in March 2020 and then it will be available for free download.


Nobody knows exactly what the Universe is, so I'll declare again everything that I wrote here as science fiction. But if any of this is correct, great!

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