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Earth and Gravity

According to my imagination, the medium-space in outer space is pure, clean. The medium-space cannot be mixed with other elements like air, water, stones and cannot penetrate them. An example for a better understanding; filling a container with water is more precise, the element water displaces the medium space from the container. With this I only want to make clear that space and water for example can only exist next to each other and not in each other.

Sometime I had all these ideas together and the next thing I said to myself was: »This is correct, the storms would loosen up or dilute the compressed medium-space because the storm wind like a helicopter rotor whirls up air and humidity, and the air and humidity will also whirl up and loosen up the compressed medium-space.« Ideally for my explanation, gravity would decrease slightly during a storm. So even air and humidity cannot penetrate the medium-space properly, and the wind mixes the layers with the differently compressed medium-space during storms. Slight temporary gravitational fluctuations during the storm have already been measured on Earth. Then in March 2018 when the probe Juno hovered over Jupiter clouds also registered gravitational fluctuations, and that at this altitude, then these differences had to be much greater at the surface. There are incredible storms there, but they also swirl up sand, loosening up the medium space and mixing the compressed layers. There is a brown spot on Jupiter indicating that there is a hurricane there that has no equal. Gravity had to decrease significantly there, but not in the middle, but at the edge of the storm. The explanation I also read there, gravity is not symmetric can not be correct. The atmosphere around Jupiter is absolutely round, but according to the common explanation of gravity, the atmosphere form is exclusively based on gravity, however it's mentioned immediately; gravity is not symmetric. Why then are the consequences not visible? Regardless of how geologically the surface looks like, regardless of the mentioned storm gravitational fluctuations, the Jupiter atmosphere remains perfectly round. Why the atmosphere around Jupiter remains unchanged I have already explained, here my gravity explanation adapted to Jupiter: Jupiter claims space volume. The space occupied is displaced to the side and compresses around Jupiter. The compression decreases from the Jupiter surface until somewhere above the atmosphere it relaxes almost completely. The medium-space also penetrates the Jupiter surface a bit and at some point cannot penetrate further because of the rigid force field structure and connections, also the imaginary space grids can no longer bend further at some point. So the compressed medium space begins somewhere in the Jupiter crust and the perceptible gravity ends somewhere above the atmosphere. The atmosphere form is determined solely by the medium-space. The rigid force field structure swallows mountains or ditches, and gravity is only a consequence and not a cause, therefore the differences remain without consequences. If Jupiter were an apple and someone would bite into it, the bitten Jupiter would possibly keep the current gravitation and atmosphere shape unchanged, and that although significant mass was missing and the shape also changed drastically. It should not be reached only the lava core, because there presumably the space hole begins. The consequence, however, would be only a lower atmosphere over all of Jupiter.

The space hole is actually point P0 in the middle of the earth which is now inflated to a large sphere. These are by the way black holes, and there are also black holes without materia in the universe, but more about that later.

I think when a space hole appears in a planet, matter becomes somehow unstable there. I can't say if there's pressure, vacuum or what's happening in the black hole. I already said, I know the matter pressure, but the explanation doesn't work with stars, they glow even without pressure, but it is unlikely that there are only exploding elements on the sun. There was a lump of cold materia, it then became big enough for gravity, with gravity the lump collected even more materia, and the lava core was caused. The reason why the lava core became bigger and ignited could be various. It could also be a mixture of elements that the medium-space did not penetrate too deeply, but the elements were not like an atomic bomb. Keyword: Galaxy with spiral arms. Why did stars originate only in spiral arms of galaxy? More about that later.

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