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Space, Gravity, Light

It must first be clarified what the light is, but it is still too early for a comprehensive explanation, and yet a brief explanation is needed. The light does not exist as a separate natural phenomenon. Certain energy sets the medium-space in motion (like a kind of domino effect), the medium-space transmits the energy and only in this time the space is visible for us. The light we see in outer space is energy transfers, and as long as the energy is transferred, the empty space is visible and measurable for us humans. We don't see the light, we see the space or the optical waveguide. Hence the interlocking of: space, time and the speed of light (time: the domino stones are further apart in a stretched space, but the domino stones fall down at the same speed; therefore fewer units of time are needed, i.e. domino stones that fall down. The space grids can be presented as rows of domino stones. The light tilts exactly one row of domino stones. Matter, on the other hand, tilts more rows of domino stones at the same time. The result: the larger the volume of the matter, the slower it can move in space). These three things are only one thing: the space. And in addition to these three things there comes now one other thing: the gravitation.

It is generally believed that gravity, as an effect of matter, bends the space around the Earth and this has as a result the said time differences. My idea achieves the same result, and everyone would have come up with it if space were measurable. 

Known theory: the light follows the space grids and now flies an arc around the earth because the gravity has bent the space around the earth.

My explanation of gravity: the light follows the space grids and now flies an arc around the earth instead of ending on the planet, because the space that should be in the planet is now compressed over the earth's surface. The space grids are no longer interrupted by the Earth but shifted and crushed in and on the Earth's surface.

The universe, a physical explanation

Grey: Space grids when space can penetrate anything.
Blue: Space grids, when the volume of the earth has deformed them.

As can be seen from the sketch, the light will now have to fly a longer way around the earth instead of flying directly through the earth. But the speed of light can not be exceeded, so the time really becomes a bit slower locally. If the light now flies through point P1 or P2, the distance A to B will take the same amount of time. The explanation why, we skip now, and we observe only what happens there. The space deformation, no matter if by gravitation or by Earth volume has another consequence: Point P1 and P2 had to be on top of each other! Nowhere is this problem mentioned or explained how it is solved. Would it not be logical, and in the sense of relativity theory, that materia at point P2 is shifted to point P1?

This is perhaps what we call gravity.

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