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There are a lot to read about singularity, quanta, neutrino, grey matter which cannot be proven, but otherwise everything is explained simply and insufficiently. But I needed the physics for my story; therefore the people accept all universe explanations, because the people don't need the explanations, then they don't analyze them either. But I needed them, so I sought my own explanation for the universe. After some time I had found for me a more realistic explanation for gravity. I assumed, a real environment like on earth can exist only into a real, touchable universe, so nothing magical or fantasy worlds. My explanation of gravity then led me to further ideas like black holes, an explanation how the galaxies could have been formed and how they work. And then I came to an incredible conclusion: A star will bring a planet that is composed like the earth gradually to a certain distance (that might just coincidentally always be the habitual zone) and keep the planet there in orbit. After that I thought: this is just fiction, nobody will be interested in it or will think about it. I only have to separate the logical from my own fantasy and name it accordingly.

But in April 2018 I read in the news: »The probe Juno flew over Jupiter in low altitude and the probe was attracted differently depending on the place.« There are huge storms, I think gravity is disturbed by the storms and that happens on Earth too. This came unexpectedly because it might indicate that there is a point in my explanation of gravity. I decided to describe what I found here separately.

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