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I never thought I'd write this someday, now I'll explain how it happened. About seven years ago I started to write a science fiction story, somehow I always wanted to do that and at that time the time had come. Not that I had talent, I often criticized movies because I thought I could tell the story more logically and I just wanted to see how I could do that. But I had quickly to realize that it wasn't that easy. In order to make my story work, the Earth-like planet had to be bigger than the Earth, but then there would be more gravity, and I wondered if the humans there would be shorter and stronger, and so on and so forth and at some point I just asked myself the question: »What is the gravity actually?«

At that time I started researching, but I was not really convinced of what I had read. No I am not smarter, but my human mind cannot understand eternity, infinity or absolutely empty, nothing. I wanted to tell a logical story down to the last detail and how should I explain: »The universe has exploded from nothing.« »It's possible that two or more universes have been exploded out of nothing in parallel.« But each universe could be infinitely large. »Space is supposed to be absolutely empty, as it stood somewhere, space is the definition of nothing.« How then can the earth exist into nothing? »Space penetrates everything.« If space can penetrate everything, then space is superior to everything. »Gravity is supposed to be an effect of matter«, but if space is superior to matter, then space should also be superior to matter effects. And now if space and time are dependent on each other, what actually influences gravity? Time or space? Space cannot be, because it is superior to all. It is time? Time is then no longer what we humans mean, but physics which coincidentally resembles to our events structure. But time runs slower at the sea than in the mountains. Nothing fits together somehow. I couldn't go on like this and then I tried to find an explanation myself, but the explanation should work without magic or mysteries.

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