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TNothing fit together in any way. I couldn't go on like this and tried to find an explanation for gravity myself, but the explanation should work without magic or riddles.

    There is a lot to read about singularity, quanta, neutrino and heavy matter that cannot be proven; otherwise everything about gravitation is not explained sufficiently and simply. But I needed physics for my story; that's why people accept everything, because people don't need these explanations, and then they don't analyze them either. But I needed the explanation, so I looked for a clearly formulated theory of gravity. And indeed, after some time I had found a more realistic explanation of gravity for me.

    I assumed that a real environment like on earth can only exist in a real, touchable universe. So nothing magical, or fantasy worlds. My explanation of gravity then led me to further ideas about what black holes might be, and from there to a further explanation of how galaxies might have formed, or why stars arose only in the spiral arms and at the centers of galaxies. And then I came to an incredible conclusion: »A star brings a nearby planet to a certain distance and lets it orbit there.«

   There might even be a formula where a planet will orbit around the star depending on its type and size. The type and size of the star is also taken into account. Then I said to myself: »This is my imagination; I'd better keep it to myself…«

    But in April 2018 I read in the news: "The probe Juno flew over Jupiter at low altitude, and the probe was attracted to different degrees depending on its location." There are incredible storms there. I think the gravity can be disturbed by the storms and that happens also here on earth too.

    This was unexpected, and then I decided to rewrite as a book what I had found out myself and published as an article on my website. This book is published as an appendix to my book series »Red Giant Star«. Maybe my "theory" will inspire someone...

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