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»What kind of intelligence should a computer have? The software only evaluates the voice. The lie detector is also considered and the law determines the sentence. This is something like a calculation. 6-5=1. The facts are that six months of identity loss is the penalty for theft. Minus the generous five months of sentence reduction due to Nevon’s illness, as he cannot be made responsible today for his earlier actions.

   Nevertheless he is not ill in bed, he travels with two healthy female friends to the North Pole, in a stolen car. Accordingly, the result was one month identity deprivation calculated by the software. Now, I can read on my computer: Steel Nevon didn’t know that the car did not belong to him, but everyone seems to be hiding something. The software assumes it is about the car. If there is something you want to clarify, please do it now.

   But be careful, Nuna’s brother and two other people are reported missing. The last time they were seen they were with you; but we assume you didn’t kill those three people. The sensors and the software recognize killers, so we didn’t ask you about this. You’ll already have a hard enough time finding your way out of this hole«, the officer paused for a moment, collecting his thoughts.

   »Nuna is also together with you and she is also going nowhere. Young and unreasonable we assume, but the car is stolen. That’s why we are here now. The car’s owner, your friend Bratan as you say, is serving a lengthy identity penalty. But, he owns the car and the expenses for the car are covered. He may have a connection to Nevon… Hm, everything is inscrutable… Make a clarifying statement or leave it as it is. If you choose the later then the verdict is final. One month of identity deprivation starting now.

   You are not here against your will. It is not necessary or even allowed to take you anywhere. Nobody is entitled to a telephone call, so that is a needless worry and best to be forgotten. Only in this way can our security system work so that the honest citizens can live in safety. Now, please remove your belongings from the stolen car.«

Preview End. "Red Giant Star 2" can be read on here:


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