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»You can do whatever you want. But, the system can only work if the penalties are severe. We cannot take you anywhere.«

   Nevon wanted to say something, but Nuna whispered to him to remain calm and silent.

   The two officers took three large backpacks from a patrol car.

   »Inside you will find sleeping bags, clothes, tools, and dehydrated food enough to last one week.«

   The officers were something like the ones Nevon knew from Earth, they were friendly yet aloof. Everyone was quiet and calm, yet Nevon had to be reminded again not to ask any more questions and to keep his temper. Dowagen and Nuna stayed at his sides and as soon as his eyes flicked with impatience they gave him a sign to do what was expected of him. That was without any defense to endure. Nevon thought only a person with a broken will could bear this without saying a word.

   »I understand the seriousness of the situation now, but you can’t just leave us here in no man’s land. I don’t remember my former life and the women are innocent because of the car. They only accompany me…«, Nevon said when he was no longer able to hold his tongue.

   »All of this has already been taken into account. Grand theft auto requires a penalty. The penalty is loss of identity. There is also that you are here, four thousand kilometers from home. Where are you going? At the North Pole so that the sick Nevon can relax and recover? Driving for weeks in a car is anything but relaxing. If you can explain something more to us we will pass it on and it will be taken into account«, one of the officers remarked seriously.

   »Where will you pass this information and who will decide?«, Nevon asked again, impatient.

   »I told you from the beginning that we wear cameras on our bodies. They record everything and what is said, facial expressions, and thermo sensors check if we have been told the truth. In the end a verdict is passed. It is not we, but software that decides the result. We humans are only the interface between machine and you so that the law is implemented humanely. Before we go would you like to ask us a last question?«

   »I once read that artificial intelligence will eventually replace judges. Are we experiencing that right now?«

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