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»The car was in my garage. I didn’t remember that it belonged to my friend, Bratan. You know that I suffer from amnesia«, Nevon answered, cautiously.

   »Mr. Bratan. What was his family name again? He doesn’t remember you, either, and yet you call him a friend. He just wants the car back and compensation from you.«

   Nevon wanted to say something about it, but Nuna, who had been edging closer during the conversation, gave him a slight push letting him know to keep quiet.

   »Would you like to add something to your own defense?«, another of the security guards asked.

   »It seems that we are in a serious situation, and no matter what we say now from your point of view we are guilty«, Nevon said, trying to defuse the situation.

   »Our point of view is completely irrelevant, and the decision is not ours to make. The fact is that you are four thousand kilometers away from your own home in a stolen car. Yet you can say nothing to your own defense. Typically this is six months of identity loss for that, yet because you suffer from amnesia, the sentence has been reduced to one month for everyone.«

   »What? Are we already convicted?«

   »You were just convicted. I recommend that you not say anything else unless it contributes to your own discharge. We are now confiscating the car and you have no identification for one month.«

   »Are you going to be driving us home? Please.«

   »Your friends will explain this to you. For the next month you all have no identity. This means, among other things, that you can no longer use a network or a bank. Since there are hundreds of kilometers of forest here you are entitled to survival equipment. If you do not appeal the sentence will be enforced immediately. If you file a complaint, but do not add anything new, we will reject the application immediately. Otherwise we will give you the survival kits right away, which would be the more pragmatic solution for you«, the same, short officer responded.

   »Can we call someone in order to be picked up? Or would you kindly take us to the nearest village?«, Dowagen asked, wide-eyed.

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