A book series about the future and the human beings.

Book - Red Giant Star 2

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Red Giant Star 2

This is the sequel to Red Giant Star: 22nd Century Volume 1; which tells us what a human of our time who lands on another earth-like planet discovers there. Of course, their history is not the same as ours, and yet human nature makes it similar.

Will our future look like this? That is uncertain… Yet this story could show us what our future may hold.

In addition to adventure there are also many backgrounds that could provide answers to burning questions that we may have. But be warned… sometimes the best answers only give us more questions as the future is not yet written. For if it was that means our future could not be changed. That being said this is just telling what is known in another light. However, similarities with living or dead people on Earth are purely coincidental.

Red Giant Star: A dystopian, but still plausible idea.

In the category: Gravity. New Universe Theory physics is explained.


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