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Steel Blue

After Nevon had forgotten the tension a little, he stood up and looked at the green, soft carpet of grass that the ground covered there, a strong contrast between the jagged rocks that could be seen everywhere on the rock face. As he looked, he noticed that something was moving on the meadow. Above the meadow the rising warmth blurs the view in the distance, but the closer he looked and the closer the shape approached, the clearer was to him that he had not been wrong. He shouts hectically and pulls Dowagen to her arm: »Quick, we have to go, Nuna up with you, a green naked person is coming towards us.«

Dowagen couldn't even see what Nevon actually saw, she was pulled too hard on her wrist. As they three ran, he saw the dark green naked man running behind them. »He runs after us, that's crazy, hurry up«, he said shocked. Dowagen now also looked behind her, and then she freed herself with a strong pull from Nevon's handle and stopped running. Nevon lost his balance and fell. He turned around and tried to flee even further backwards on the ground. The chaser ran until he arrived at them, and then he simply stopped. Afterwards he spoke with a calm voice. Nevon could only see them from the side and he didn't understand because he was already a few meters away. He looked confused, he could not judge what he saw.

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