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»Hey, get up, I hear something flying outside«, Nevon tried to wake the two still sleeping women. »Come on, it's already noon. I will beckon outside now«, and Nevon left the now awake young women in a hurry. The wonderful weather with the bright sun dazzled Nevon at first, but after lifting his raised forearm over his eyes to see something, he said astonished: »How shall we fly with it? It looks like a stealth plane.« The two women were now standing next to him, and in front of them was a fighter plane hovering over the gorge, barely higher than they. It floated threateningly towards them, as if it had been waiting for them.

»I have a bad feeling«, Nevon said. »If the church belongs to the military, maybe we are not allowed to go into the church«, Nuna said. The stealth bomber floated on the spot, it rocked a little as the wind blew stronger, and then it returned to the same position. »The thing is not controlled by humans, maybe autopilot. The controls are too precise.« »Since when do you know anything about airplanes«, didn't seriously ask Dowagen. »I was a military pilot after all.« »Yes, in your dreams you were a pilot, here in the reality the military was disbanded a long time ago. »The jet could be remote controlled, and nobody is looking at the monitor at the moment, wait here, I'm going closer, they should see us, they can help us too.«

He walked slowly to the railing where the fight took place yesterday, and because the plane didn't move, Nevon began to beckon with his arms so that someone could see him.

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