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Silver Moonlight

»Where are we, exactly?«, Nevon asked himself quietly. The platform was surprisingly flat, but spacious when you consider where it is, the area was just a few hundred meters wide. Several small houses stood close together and a church towered over everything. The church was about three times as high as everything there was, and it didn't really make sense to build such a church for a few residents.

The church had the same shape as the churches, with a large hall and a pointed roof. Although the building looked matt, the church was not damaged. The roof, windows and decoration seemed intact and well preserved. Everyone talked about the old church on the hill, but Nevon admired a modern building that just didn't shine like new. When the three arrived at the edge of the village, the church was next; they had to walk through a small park. The park in front of the church was not big and consisted only of a few low stone graves to the right and left of the alley leading to the building. »Maybe we can spend the night in the church«, Nevon said. The idea was creepy at first sight, but there was obviously nothing better and so the three on the alley went straight to the main entrance of the church. Arriving at the big door, they found branches and leaves carried by the wind in every corner. The door was surprisingly not closed, but it crashed and squeezed incredibly when it was opened. When the door was open, the musty air came from inside.

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