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Stone Gray

»I will now open the windows, there are too many of us in the car and soon we won't be able to breathe«, Nuna's brother joked as he steered the little bus and continued: » This is just a narrow alleyway running along a cliff, you tell me if I get too close to something.« The car drove at walking pace. The high mountain road hewn into the stone led quite steeply upwards, fortunately everything was washed by the water, there was no sand and the tires adhere well on the clean stone covering.

After not even five minutes of driving the driver said: »That doesn't work, we are too heavy, the battery is empty immediately. Get out, I can't drive fast anyway, at least we don't have to carry what we brought with us ourselves.« Everyone got out and followed the car. Already after a short time they were so high at the rock face that they didn't talk anymore but marvelled at the view, and at the same time kept away from the unprotected roadside. The weather was cloudy but there was no sign that it would rain, it was good weather to walk, but that distracted them and they didn't notice the most important thing: they entered an unknown world. The group had been on the road for several hours now and reached a height of about two thousand meters. They didn't talk to each other for a long time, they just followed the car breathing heavily. »Don't take pictures! That we left the city should only remain in our memory«, someone was asked to put his device back in his pocket. Now the rock face was no longer so monolithic, the big continental hill was not only a single stone block, but from about two thousand meters the mountains began to grow. The road did not only run along the rock face, but also wrapped around bigger rocks. For a long time the group could not pass the car because the road was too narrow, but now there were also wider sections and flatter spots. During a break Nuna said: »Is that what we are doing right? It's already afternoon now, I can see the village and we've covered more than half of the distance, but we'll never arrive in the village until it gets dark. We can't be on the road at night under any circumstances. We can neither arrive in the city nor in the village in daylight. Here we can already see snow, maybe we should look for a place to spend the night«, said Nuna. »It's too early to think about where to stay overnight, do you really want to sleep here«, Dowagen asked. She did not answer any more and afterwards all got up and were ready to continue the march. The road now also consisted of gravel and sand. In some places the road was narrower, visibly carried away by the water, but it was still passable. The group was dressed thickly, it was not really cold but a cold wind from the snow-covered regions was blowing stronger and stronger. The individual showed reservations from time to time, but because the group was making rapid progress, nobody really wanted to push for a decision. So far, apart from a little fitness, nothing has happened, and they could still return, and even the battery is charging downhill, at least they wouldn't have any energy problems. While the group was discussing it, the car stopped. Everyone wanted to know why. There was a broken bridge in front of the car. »It doesn't go on here any more, if the road is not passable, then the village above is probably abandoned. What do we do now«, Nuna's brother asked. Nevon didn't say anything the whole day, but he was never asked anything either. »Drive the car away from the broken bridge. Behind us we saw a wider flat spot. Let's continue talking there«, Dowagen said. They parked the car next to the road about fifty meters downhill. No one said anything but just looked at the surroundings. Where the car was parked, the small mountain began where the road with the broken bridge lay. Nunas brother left the group and obviously wanted to see what was on the other side of the mountain. When he came back he said: »If we walk around the mountain, we can reach the road again. The road is not far away, but I couldn't see a way to get there.« Nevon said nothing, not that he had nothing to say, everyone meant well and he himself would support a wrong decision as if he could express his gratitude that way. »I didn't know I had such wonderful friends. Was I really different before? I think I experienced my encounter with God, as they say, I will never do anything crazy again, I promise! And I will start right away, so thank you, but now we should go back, and I know what I will do now …«, Nevon finally said, he had a guilty conscience; five people went up a mountain because of him. The group did not answer.

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