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Amber Light

Nevon and his sister Etania left the sickroom towards the exit. They went down through empty corridors and with the elevator. Everything Nevon saw looked familiar to him, but at the same time it seemed new to him. Everything was simple and clean and nothing unnecessary was to be found somewhere, the doors fitted seamlessly into the walls of the building, everything was smooth and unadorned, but nothing felt dreary. In front of the hospital they found Etania's car. It was reminiscent of a bus that was too small, the vehicle sheet seemed to be made of colored green aluminum and all around the car was covered with plastic protective strips, it looked modern, somehow individually designed, but still not very appealing to Nevon's taste.

The wheels were not covered and seemed to be of one piece. The entrance was in the middle and inside the room looked like a train compartment. Two rows of seats facing towards the centre, and Etania is sitting with its back to the direction of travel. The doors were opened as well as the seats to the side. As soon as he sat down, Etania typed something on a mobile screen. The car started and then drove quietly for about a quarter of an hour, but quite fast. Immediately after the start, in order to loosen the mood, Nevon said: »Cool car, is that yours?« »Who would buy such an ugly box? Save your jokes. It's a public transport vehicle.« While driving, Etania didn't talk to Nevon anymore and there was no eye contact between the two.

The vehicle stopped at some point and switched itself off completely, they arrived at nightfall. Both got out in a kind of large area with identically small three-storey buildings. The buildings looked beautiful, as if they were new, though somehow dreary, plain square, that they were colorfully painted with different color patterns, changed nothing at all. Curiously, all the buildings on the upper edges of the roof were also illuminated. The edges were illuminated and the light color was brown, more precisely light brown. Nevon thought: »Everybody probably wonders why not red or blue, why brown, but I think no other colour would fit better here. Cool design concept.« The short lawn between the buildings was only accessible through footpaths to the buildings, they were dimly lit and had the same light color as the buildings on the roof edges. Arriving at the main entrance, they stopped and because nothing happened, Nevon eventually looked at his sister. Etania suddenly took his pen communicator out of his pocket and put it in Nevon's hand, pressing his fingers on the end of the pen at the same time. The stairwell door clicked briefly and then opened a bit by itself. Without saying a word, Etania turned around and left Nevon without even looking at him, but he watched her until she disappeared behind a building. Nevon was wearing his pyjamas and in his right hand he was still holding his pen-shaped communicator. He looked back at Etania, entered the building familiarly and put the communicator in his pocket. The apartment door opened quickly with fingerprint and iris scan help, which Nevon found out without much searching. Finally Nevon stood in the middle of the apartment. He knews nothing and again everything looked familiar to him. He went into the bedroom and fell asleep immediately.

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