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Ghost White

indistinct murmur and the crying of a woman was the first thing Nevon noticed. He could hear, but he couldn't move his body even though he felt it. He felt like he was riding in a bed on wheels, but he didn't understand something, he almost slipped out of bed into a curve, or an impact against a wall almost threw him out of bed. Nevon was conscious, but he couldn't move or open his eyes, and there was something that told him: he better give a sign of life quickly.

The bed stopped moving at some point, but the crying of the woman in his ear was unpleasant. A quiet unmelodic singing drowned out a clear whirring, like an air blower that seemed to be the most dominant noise in the background. It took a while and suddenly Nevon felt him being yelled at and shaken vigorously. He could move slowly again after the strong jerking. He opened his eyes and saw blurred, a older white woman crying and desperately shaking his collar as she tried to bring him back from the dead. When the crying woman notices consciousness in Nevon, she talks loudly and excitedly and slaps Nevon in the face. During the treatment no wonder, Nevon comes to himself faster and asks incomprehensibly where he is. The crying woman still holding Nevon's collar in her hands now looks at him attentively, as do the other people behind her. »Where am I here and who are you«, asks Nevon. The woman answer something. »It sounds like a dialect or is that another language?« »What is going on here, your language is definitely not foreign to me, it seems familiar to me, but more like the language sounds, I do not understand the words«, says unsettled Nevon.

»My name is Nevon and I don't remember anything... and... I don't know why I am here and who you are. Where am I? Can you help me?«

The persons present spoke now confusedly and after that they asked Nevon something. »I'm afraid I can't understand you.« A young woman who was present shoves a pen under Nevon's nose and says something. »Should I write it down? I feel better, but I can't really get up to write down.« Nevon barely finished his sentence and the pen started saying something for a minute.

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