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Suddenly the large area was flooded with light, and in the distance you could see pigs eating on huge screens. The corresponding noises could also be heard throughout the valley. The many pigs in the valley now ran chaotically and gathered for dinner. Obviously this was a pig farm, with everything that belongs to it: dirt and stench. Only the Pavlov concept was unusual. Nevon made his way to where the light was brightest, hoping to get help. The longer he walked the dizzier he became. After a short time he could see how the farm workers were taking care of their work. Now, in the light you could recognize that his clothes were smeared with blood and he had a head wound. Soon the workers noticed Nevon and hurried toward him while they talked excitedly. Nevon didn’t understand what they were saying, but he felt too tired after the effort and his senses slowly fogged. He felt relived, fell to his knees, and closed his eyes. He could no longer grasp clear thoughts and let himself fall tiredly into the hands of the helper. A noise gradually drowned out the workers, almost waking him from the unclear thought. The noise resembled a helicopter, albeit a little too quiet. The swirling air forced him to open his eyes, but he could see nothing clearly.

   »This must be a helicopter and I’m finally being taken to a hospital.« He felt only how he was put on a stretcher and flew away in the aircraft. On the way Nevon fell into a deep sleep.

Preview End. "Red Giant Star 1" can be read on here:


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