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The sun just went down to his left from the horizon. To his right, not far away, was a very steep rock face about five thousand meters high. That was terrifying. To his left, far away, the same rock face was clearly visible. A kind of long deep groove in the Earth's surface was that, about fifteen to twenty kilometers wide, as long as you could see and Nevon lay there in the deep but wide canyon. The evening sun, which was about too big, was just about to disappear from the horizon above the left rock face in the distance, and the really lava red sunlight was still bathing the grass not far from him. It was a spectacle, the grass looked deep green and the reddish sunlight was bright but not bright enough to illuminate the surroundings and the dark blue, almost violet sky. As if you could look unprotected in the outer space. A thin steam of fog restlessly covered the still warm grass; the reason could be the cold air coming down from above along the rock face. Strange but beautiful scenery. He became really cold, the cold air from above flowed noticeably on Nevon's face, but above right of him on a rock pulpit the trees still bathed in the picturesque red evening sun.

   »It shouldn't be so cold down here. Where am I actually?«

   The place where Nevon lay was a spacious flat place not far from the right rock face. On the spacious meadow many pigs were to be seen, apparently a pig breeding farm, but something surprised; the pigs he could see most clearly did not only have few hairs, but seemed to wear a dense fur. Everything seemed familiar to him: Plants, pigs, but nothing was as it should be, but not really different.

   »I am certainly still in shock, it makes no sense what I see here. I should be dead and everything hurts.«

   Nevon looked right at his legs, but both knees were unhurt. He palpated his whole body and he realized that his head was full of blood; he was lying in a pool of blood. He couldn't remember anything, he could speak and realized that the pigs looked kind of weird, but he couldn't say exactly what was going on. He also couldn't remember how he got there, the only memories were what he had seen since waking up, and yes, he remembered the clouds of light and only vaguely about his accident. But as he looked more closely at his body in the weak light, it was already getting darker, amazed he saw that his skin was white and then fell back confused on his back.

   »What is wrong with my mind, I am white or black now? Why don't I notice the difference?«

   When he looked around again after the shock, he saw two persons lying on the dirt not far away from him. He slowly got up again, his legs seemed to be unhurt despite the pain, and he didn't even look at his knees anymore and slowly approached from the two men lying on the ground. There was no grass where the two bodies lay; the ground was trampled down by the pigs as well as in the other places. The two did not move, and as they lay with their faces in the dust, they could no longer be alive, and they were both covered in blood. Since it got quite dark in the meantime he couldn't recognize anything anymore, and he didn't come any closer either, at first he didn't know the people and something like that only brings trouble and contaminates the crime scene with his own DNA, you know from the movies.

   »The cinema? Why am I even here and in this situation?«

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