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After the noise and the appearance of the lights Nevon was amazed, whispering to himself: »Now that I look more closely I can say that the light points have different color and intensity. Even different sizes. The light points can be assigned to a particular color, depending on location. As if several clouds were next to each other, each a different color. The colors are pale, but the large cluster of color is easy to see. The light points there are dark orange, light orange, orange, reddish, or yellowish orange. Next to it play out the same colors, but in blue. The color change between them is not gradient, but clear. It looks so beautiful. But what kind of noise is that? It sounds like a soft noise on the radio; but it can also be voices, or many everyday noises all at once.«

   Nevon looked around and noticed that his position was exactly between two color clouds.

   »This is nice. The lights are light blue on the right and light pink on the left. What does that mean?«

   As he asked himself, Nevon noticed that the points of light he could see most clearly somehow pulsated in color nuances and intensity. Sometimes a slight back and forth jump, or vibration, could be seen.

   »Wait. Does my position also look like a flickering point of light to the others? Does my place shine or is it me?«

   »Has my subconscious literally gone to heaven now? But why the color differences between the light point clouds? Are these people? That can’t be. Those are far too few light points that can be assigned to a color.« Nevon had hardly finished the thought when the noise and lights began to lose their luminosity. This time faster than they had appeared, they moved away. The slight vibration was now noticeable again, but also disappeared faster than it had the first time. As soon as everything was silent again Nevon began to slowly feel his body and the crashing waves of pain that came with it. He could no longer feel his calf and foot, but the pain in his left knees let him guess what had happened.

   »Oh, that is unbearable. But, at least I am not dead«, he joked through the pain. The strong pain in his knees brought Nevon to consciousness quickly, but the cold around him was much more unbearable. He slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the beautiful sunset.

   »Then why is it so cold here? Have I been lying on the ground for a long time? And this intense pain. How bad am I actually hurt?«, his inner monologue continues.

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