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Thoughts flitted through his mind: »It is said that the brain remains alive for a few minutes after death and that the time passes as if in slow motion. Am I still lying on the street? I can’t feel my body anymore. It doesn’t feel like general anesthesia when thinking really stops. I can’t be dead. I see, hear, and feel nothing. The accident was too violent to survive, but why don’t I stop existing or see that fabled light at the end of the tunnel? Why don’t my thoughts stop? Wait, I only remember what I did today. But before that? Are my memories only what was in the RAM? Now I tell jokes? Obviously I still remember what a joke is.«

   It took some time while nothing happened. This deep silence, impenetrable darkness, and Nevon thought further: »This is, perhaps, the reason why injured people are urged not to fall asleep. There is no feeling or reason telling me to think or do something. At some point you would just stop making yourself noticeable even if you were not dead. Am I in a coma? Without contact with the outside world, or any sensations, it wouldn’t be necessary to do something any longer. You will practically cease to exist. As if the time would stand still. How long have I been lying here? Have only minutes passed?«

   »Life is a journey and not a goal. If the goal is reached, you feel emotionally like here. Why do I remember that now? I didn’t hear that today; maybe there are still some memories. I just need to search for them…«

   »Still this silence… I must try to stay awake, or to be more precise, not fall silent. It may be that I never start to think again if I allow myself to stop. Without new external incentives I have no choice but to repeat what I can still remember. Am I dead? Is that actually my subconscious that speaks here? I don’t feel like I am still breathing.«

   »Something is different. I can hardly perceive it, but this dead silence is not like it was before. Something seems to vibrate slightly.«

   The vibrations have now become stronger and clearly perceptible. Then, Nevon heard something like an electrostatic noise to the vibrations and at the same time points of light slowly appear around him. They look like a clear starry sky, yet the light points were not as far away. They were close in proximity and Nevon seemed to be in the middle. The points of light were small, chaotic as arranged in the sky. At the same time they were far enough apart so that you could look past them and see that the points of light floated like colored clouds on the horizon. The colors were pale and emitted hardly any light. They looked somehow dull, but because there were so many, the darkness brightened as far as the eye could see.

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