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This was one of those autumnal evenings in the big city, when the sun is still standing on the horizon, but it shines weakly, bright but without warmth. On the streets and in the shadow of the building, the fresh cool breeze penetrated so strongly that the few rays of sunlight on the skin even seemed burning hot. Nevon and his colleagues left the office building and said goodbye to each other, tired but friendly.

   »Today was another day, we'll see ya tomorrow«, then Nevon set off straight home without thinking about, simply leaving a hard day behind.


   For someone who grew up in the ghetto, he's achieved a lot. Both worlds are brutal in their own way, the ghetto as we know it from the movies is even harmlessly described comparable to what he experienced himself, and his job at the bank where he has to prove himself day by day, that's the other side. Nevon doesn't complain, he knows that fate or what it is meant well with him and gave him a look that makes working between mostly white people easier. He simply looks likeable and sociable, even when he's in a bad mood. Fortunately, he doesn't have to pretend, he is usually in a good mood and he's grateful for what he has. When he thinks about it, he feels comfortable between whites, everything works out so well with his colleague that he no longer perceives any border between the two worlds he lives in.

   Nevon stated: »I still have something to get and no going out today, the day was much too exhausting for that.« Meanwhile he looked around and looked for a supermarket. He just felt tired, for a moment he unconsciously faded out everything around him. He turned and turned several times around his own axis, while he looked around in the densely developed city center, tired and somehow desperate until he reached the bicycle path, but he did not notice that. A cyclist who passed by and noticed the scattered Nevon a few feet earlier began to ring wildly, which had obviously brought him back from his thoughts. He was still able to dodge him by a hair's breadth, but that upset his balance and he slipped off the curb onto the busy street.

   As soon as he reached the street, a massive SUV hit the unlucky man and while the heavy vehicle was still braking, Nevon hit the hood with his chest. You could see his bones giving up because of the impact, and he bent over the angular car body like a scarf. Afterwards Nevon flew for meters until he slipped further on the hard road. Some people who observed this shouted briefly, or with a frightened face asked themselves loudly:

   »Is he still alive? Impossible that he survived that impact.«

   Still conscious, covered in blood and completely broken, Nevon looked at the curb in front of him without being able to move his head and body. Only his eyes did not stop, otherwise even his thinking was frozen in him. It only lasted a moment and he no longer felt his body, and little by little everything around him became dark and silent. He could not hear or feel anything anymore, but his thoughts somehow did not stop as he was not really fainted or even dead. He was still conscious.

After some time Nevon asked himself:

   »It is said that the brain remains alive for a few minutes after death, and the time passes as if in slow motion. Am I still lying on the street? I can't feel my body anymore. It doesn't feel like general anesthesia when thinking really stops. I am definitely not dead; I see, hear and feel nothing and the accident was too violent to survive, but why don't I stop existing or see the light at the end of the tunnel or something like that. Why don't my thoughts stop? Wait, I only remember what I just did today. But before that? Are my memories only what was in the RAM? Now I also tell jokes, obviously I still remember what a joke is.«

   It took some time while nothing happened. This deep silence, this deep darkness, and Nevon thought further:

   »This is perhaps the reason why the injured people are urged not to fall asleep. There is no feeling or reason telling me to think or do something. At some point you would just stop making yourself noticeable even if you were not dead. Am I in a coma? Without contact with the outside world or any sensations it wouldn't be necessary any more to do something, you will practically cease to exist. As if the time would stand still. How long have I been lying here? Were those only minutes?«

   »Life is a journey and not a goal, if the goal is reached, you feel emotionally like here? Why do I remember it now? I didn't hear that today, maybe there are still some memories, I just have to need or search for them …«

   »Still this silence, I must try to stay awake or to be more precise, not to fall silent, it may be that I never start to think anything again. Without new external incentives, I have no choice but to repeat what I still remember. Am I dead? Is that actually my subconscious that speaks here? I don't feel like I'm still breathing.«

   »Something is different, I can hardly perceive it but this dead silence is not like it was before. Something seems to vibrate slightly.«

   The vibrations have now become stronger and clearly perceptible, then Nevon heard something like an electrostatic noise to the vibrations and at the same time points of light slowly appear around him. They looked like a clear starry sky, but the light points were not so far away, they were also in close proximity and Nevon was in the middle. The points of light were small, chaotic as arranged in the sky, but they were far enough apart so that you could look past them and see that the points of light floated like colored clouds on the horizon. The colors were pale and emitted hardly any light. They looked somehow dull, but because they were so many, the darkness brightened as far as the eye could see.

After the noise and the appearance of the lights, Nevon was amazed and spoke to himself:

   »Now that I look more closely, I can say that the light points have different light intensity and size, and the light points can be assigned to a particular color depending on the location. As if several clouds were next to each other, each with a different color. The colors are pale, but the large cluster of a color is easy to see. The light points there are dark orange, light orange, orange, reddish or yellowish orange, next to it the same play of colors, but in blue. And the color change in between is not a gradient, but clear. It looks so beautiful. But what kind of noise is that? It sounds like a soft noise on the radio, but it can also be voices or many everyday noises all at once.«

   Nevon looked around and noticed that his position was exactly between two color clouds.

   »That's nice, the lights are light blue on the right and light pink on the left. What does that mean?«

   As he asked himself, Nevon noticed that the points of light he could see most clearly somehow pulsated in color nuances and intensity, sometimes a slight back and forth jump or vibration could be seen.

   »Wait, does my position also look like a flickering point of light to the others? My place shines or is it me?«

   »Has my subconscious literally gone to heaven now? But why the color differences between the light point clouds? Are these people and peoples? That can't be, those are far too few light points that can be assigned to a color.« Nevon had hardly finished his sentence and the noise and the lights begun to lose their luminosity, but this time faster than they had appeared to somehow move away. The slight vibration was now noticeable again, but also disappeared faster than the first time. As soon as everything was silent again, Nevon slowly began to feel his body and to feel strong pain. He could no longer feel his calf and foot, but the pain in his left knees let him guess what had happened.

   »Oh, that's unbearable, at least I'm not dead«, he joked in pain. The strong pain in his knees brought Nevon to consciousness quickly, but the cold around him was much more unbearable. He slowly opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the beautiful sunset.

   »Then why is it so cold here? Have I been lying on the cold ground for a long time? And this strong pain, how bad am I actually hurt?«, he asks himself in one breath.

The sun just went down to his left from the horizon. To his right, not far away, was a very steep rock face about five thousand meters high. That was terrifying. To his left, far away, the same rock face was clearly visible. A kind of long deep groove in the Earth's surface was that, about fifteen to twenty kilometers wide, as long as you could see and Nevon lay there in the deep but wide canyon. The evening sun, which was about too big, was just about to disappear from the horizon above the left rock face in the distance, and the really lava red sunlight was still bathing the grass not far from him. It was a spectacle, the grass looked deep green and the reddish sunlight was bright but not bright enough to illuminate the surroundings and the dark blue, almost violet sky. As if you could look unprotected in the outer space. A thin steam of fog restlessly covered the still warm grass; the reason could be the cold air coming down from above along the rock face. Strange but beautiful scenery. He became really cold, the cold air from above flowed noticeably on Nevon's face, but above right of him on a rock pulpit the trees still bathed in the picturesque red evening sun.

   »It shouldn't be so cold down here. Where am I actually?«

   The place where Nevon lay was a spacious flat place not far from the right rock face. On the spacious meadow many pigs were to be seen, apparently a pig breeding farm, but something surprised; the pigs he could see most clearly did not only have few hairs, but seemed to wear a dense fur. Everything seemed familiar to him: Plants, pigs, but nothing was as it should be, but not really different.

   »I am certainly still in shock, it makes no sense what I see here. I should be dead and everything hurts.«

   Nevon looked right at his legs, but both knees were unhurt. He palpated his whole body and he realized that his head was full of blood; he was lying in a pool of blood. He couldn't remember anything, he could speak and realized that the pigs looked kind of weird, but he couldn't say exactly what was going on. He also couldn't remember how he got there, the only memories were what he had seen since waking up, and yes, he remembered the clouds of light and only vaguely about his accident. But as he looked more closely at his body in the weak light, it was already getting darker, amazed he saw that his skin was white and then fell back confused on his back.

   »What is wrong with my mind, I am white or black now? Why don't I notice the difference?«

   When he looked around again after the shock, he saw two persons lying on the dirt not far away from him. He slowly got up again, his legs seemed to be unhurt despite the pain, and he didn't even look at his knees anymore and slowly approached from the two men lying on the ground. There was no grass where the two bodies lay; the ground was trampled down by the pigs as well as in the other places. The two did not move, and as they lay with their faces in the dust, they could no longer be alive, and they were both covered in blood. Since it got quite dark in the meantime he couldn't recognize anything anymore, and he didn't come any closer either, at first he didn't know the people and something like that only brings trouble and contaminates the crime scene with his own DNA, you know from the movies.

   »The cinema? Why am I even here and in this situation?«

Suddenly the large area was flooded with light, and in the distance you could watch pigs eating on huge screens. The corresponding noises could also be heard throughout the valley. The many pigs in the valley now ran chaotically and gathered for dinner. Obviously this was a pig farm, with everything that belongs to it: Dirt and stench, but the technique à la Pawlow was about unusual. Nevon made his way to where the light was brightest, hoping to get help. The longer he walked, the dizzier he became. After a short time he could see how the farm workers were taking care of the work. Now in the light you could recognize that his clothes were smeared with blood and he had a head wound. Soon the workers noticed Nevon and hurried towards him while they talked excitedly. Nevon didn't understand what they were saying, he felt too tired after the effort and his senses slowly fogged. He felt relieved, fell to his knees and closed his eyes afterwards. He could no longer grasp clear thoughts and let himself fall tiredly into the hands of the helper. A noise gradually drowned out the workers, woke him almost from the unclear thought, the noise resembled a helicopter, albeit a little too quiet. The swirling air forced him to open his eyes, but he couldn't see anything clearly anymore.

   »This must be a helicopter and I'm finally being taken to a hospital.« He felt only how he was put on a stretcher and flew away with the aircraft. On the way Nevon fell into a deep sleep. 

Preview end, the book series 'Red Giant Star' can be read on here:


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