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This was one of those autumnal evenings in the big city, when the sun is still standing on the horizon, but it shines weakly, bright but without warmth. On the streets and in the shadow of the building, the fresh cool breeze penetrated so strongly that the few rays of sunlight on the skin even seemed burning hot. Nevon and his colleagues left the office building and said goodbye to each other, tired but friendly.

   »Today was another day, we'll see ya tomorrow«, then Nevon set off straight home without thinking about, simply leaving a hard day behind.


   For someone who grew up in the ghetto, he's achieved a lot. Both worlds are brutal in their own way, the ghetto as we know it from the movies is even harmlessly described comparable to what he experienced himself, and his job at the bank where he has to prove himself day by day, that's the other side. Nevon doesn't complain, he knows that fate or what it is meant well with him and gave him a look that makes working between mostly white people easier. He simply looks likeable and sociable, even when he's in a bad mood. Fortunately, he doesn't have to pretend, he is usually in a good mood and he's grateful for what he has. When he thinks about it, he feels comfortable between whites, everything works out so well with his colleague that he no longer perceives any border between the two worlds he lives in.

   Nevon stated: »I still have something to get and no going out today, the day was much too exhausting for that.« Meanwhile he looked around and looked for a supermarket. He just felt tired, for a moment he unconsciously faded out everything around him. He turned and turned several times around his own axis, while he looked around in the densely developed city center, tired and somehow desperate until he reached the bicycle path, but he did not notice that. A cyclist who passed by and noticed the scattered Nevon a few feet earlier began to ring wildly, which had obviously brought him back from his thoughts. He was still able to dodge him by a hair's breadth, but that upset his balance and he slipped off the curb onto the busy street.

   As soon as he reached the street, a massive SUV hit the unlucky man and while the heavy vehicle was still braking, Nevon hit the hood with his chest. You could see his bones giving up because of the impact, and he bent over the angular car body like a scarf. Afterwards Nevon flew for meters until he slipped further on the hard road. Some people who observed this shouted briefly, or with a frightened face asked themselves loudly:

   »Is he still alive? Impossible that he survived that impact.«

   Still conscious, covered in blood and completely broken, Nevon looked at the curb in front of him without being able to move his head and body. Only his eyes did not stop, otherwise even his thinking was frozen in him. It only lasted a moment and he no longer felt his body, and little by little everything around him became dark and silent. He could not hear or feel anything anymore, but his thoughts somehow did not stop as he was not really fainted or even dead. He was still conscious.

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